The TechRadar Choice Awards 2024 are coming – nominate your favorite tech now!

Our reader-voted-for awards return this year, and you'll be able to help pick the winners.

Jun 11, 2024 - 16:30
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The TechRadar Choice Awards 2024 are coming – nominate your favorite tech now!

We're pleased to announce that the TechRadar Choice Awards 2024 are on the way, giving TechRadar's readers the opportunity to help choose the best technology products and services of the year. And these are our biggest awards ever, with over 90 categories in total!

The TechRadar Choice Awards 2024 are only just getting underway, and right now we're accepting nominations from anyone who would like to suggest a product that should be on our voting shortlists when the time comes. Maybe you represent a product professionally, or maybe it's just something you've bought and love – your nomination is welcome either way! Our shortlists will be compiled by our expert editors in each field, but these nominations are your opportunity to ensure that a product you like or want to promote is foremost on their minds.

You can fill out the form on our nominations page below to submit your suggestion. We'll be accepting nominations until August 3, 2024.

As is always the case with the TechRadar Choice Awards, this year's winners in most categories will be chosen by a combination of readers' votes and votes from our expert judges. We also have some Editors' Choice awards that are chosen solely by our judges, but the vast majority are chosen with 50% reader input.

And with more categories than ever before, that means more chances for our readers to choose their favorites than ever before! In some cases, we've added new categories to reflect the growing popularity of new types of product; in other cases, we've reworked existing categories to better reflect the current market. You can see all the main TechRadar Choice Awards 2024 categories here.

To be eligible for the TechRadar Choice Awards 2024, products must have been released after August 1, 2023 and before September 30, 2024 – with some exceptions, which you can find here in our explanation of the TechRadar Choice Awards process.

If you want to see which products won in last year's awards, take a look at the TechRadar Choice Awards 2023 winners list. We look forward to seeing your nominations for 2024's awards!

And don't forget that we're also running the first TechRadar Sustainability Awards this year! Here's where you can find out more about them, and express your interest in entering.